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Identify > Learn > Help > Engage > Understand
A Case For The Helpful Approach To B2B Marketing

It's not a secret ... the B2B procurement process is complex. Buyers are more sophisticated, more skeptical, more distracted, and more afraid of making the wrong decision.

To build trust you must demonstrate a breadth and depth of knowledge of your customers that is uncommon today.

Follow Your Buyer helps you unravel the complexities of your buyer's journey with a method that brings clarity and focus to helping your customers. It's hard work to Follow Your Buyer ... Are you ready?


The Five Stages of Follow Your Buyer


Identify. Learn. Help. Engage. Understand.

How to Follow Your Buyer

The interconnected stages of the Follow Your Buyer approach are designed to help you truly know the people involved in the buying journey — what challenges they face and what they find helpful.


You'll use a Market > Company > Persona model to align the stakeholders you need to influence with your corporate growth objectives.


You'll examine your buyer’s experience to discover what each persona values and how to support them throughout the journey.


When your content  creation maps closely to the needs of your buyer at different stages of the journey, you’ll be on the path of helping your buyer.


Engagement happens when you appeal to your buyer’s preferences for absorbing content and distribute it where your buyers are likely to be.


You'll begin to genuinely know your buyer when you use tools to identify trends, look for buying signals, and evaluate your content performance.

Learning to follow your buyer is a change in mindset

A transition from selling buyers on what you do to helping them accomplish what they do.