• Getting Better Results With B2B Thought Leadership Content

    B2B companies that have embraced content marketing using thought leadership inevitably wonder if it really makes a difference for their businesses. If you read our first article on this topic, you learned that thought leadership does influence buying decisions. This article examines how we can more effectively engage buyers with thought leadership and achieve better results.

  • Reframing The Relationship Between B2B Sales And Marketing

    Exploring ways to improve the relationship between sales and marketing in B2B businesses is like venturing into the Sahara on foot without water. Rarely do business leaders intentionally set out to change marketing and sales operations, to include organizational structure and processes. We too easily retreat to the risk-free zone of “but that’s the way we’ve always done it.” However, the harsh truth is that this modus operandi is fraught with risk.  

  • Are Your Marketing Tactics Supporting Your Business Strategy? If You’re Not Sure, Try Task And Purpose

    I speak with a lot of B2B marketing professionals who describe their work as trying to manage chaos. Unrealistic deadlines, constantly changing priorities, emergency press releases that never get approved for distribution, and tradeshow collateral that must be created and overnighted are all in a typical day’s work. I’ve been in newsrooms less frenzied.

    Marketing is intended to be the process organizations use to engage target audiences, nurture customer relationships, develop business, and, ultimately, generate revenue. But too many organizations are drowning in tactics that are not linked to their business strategy. To gain clarity, think task and purpose.

  • Sell Like a Dog

    Whoever coined the term “work like a dog” must not have owned a dog, at least not one of our modern-era pets who have earned family-member status. As our love for our four-legged companions has grown, so too has our desire to understand them through formal training, books, and podcasts. Despite all this expert advice, I believe our pets’ ability to understand us far outpaces our ability to understand them. How do they do it and what can we learn from them about sales?

  • Plan Like There Are No Rules

    When asked, most organizations will describe their planning process like this--establish objectives, define supporting tasks, identify resources, set a timeline, determine how results will be measured, communicate the plan, and execute. When followed this process will lead to reasonably good outcomes, however, most of us don’t really plan this way. What our planning processes lack is effective planning guidance that offers purpose, direction , and motivation.

  • Marketing Do's & Don'ts When B2B Trade Shows Return

    A global pandemic meant B2B marketers couldn't spend money on in-person events for many months, but will they continue to think outside the box when the temptation returns?

  • A Guide For Mapping Content To The B2B Buyer's Journey

    Creating, classifying, and analyzing content according to the stages of the buyer's journey enables marketers to identify potential buying activity and share that valuable insight with their sales team.


  • B2B content material comes in many forms and storytelling is one that we often get wrong. Its time to make it better!

  • Entering the final month of the year marks the beginning of reflecting season for many of us that culminates with a list of personal New Year's resolutions. But have you considered doing the same for you and your team at work?

  • What do we write about? That is the most common question I hear from B2B marketing teams employing, or wanting to employ, a content marketing component to their strategy. It is a valuable question and deserves our best efforts!

  • A lot of B2B companies who have been executing content marketing strategies for a while tell me they feel a little lost and they’re not sure where to go.

  • Research indicates buyers are investing more time in understanding sellers. How much time do you put into understanding your buyers? 

  • Are you speeding through your work and failing to sharpen your tools?

  • As B2B marketers we often place constraints and limitations on ourselves before we even start to plan. That’s why I urge to plan like there are no rules. 


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