About Follow Your Buyer

During our 40+ years as a B2B publisher, we’ve had a simple underlying principle that’s guided us. We’ve obsessed over it.

It’s led to the publication of magazine titles, the launch of the first online B2B publication (Water Online), and the creation of multiple live events. It’s a simple three-word mantra that’s uttered just about any time we face a strategic question: Follow your reader.

When doing so, we’ve always found our answer.

Is it time to launch a new publication? Shut one down? Cover a new topic? Expand our footprint within a vertical? These difficult, business-shaping questions have been answered by speaking with readers and asking, “How can we be more helpful?” We’ve gone long in the time we’ve invested to learn and understand our readers.

Fast forward to today.

We continue to have conversations with our readers and our customers, the B2B marketers of the world. We’ve heard so many common refrains. It is so much more difficult to reach new prospects. The B2B purchasing process in our industry has completely changed in the last 10 years. Measuring marketing ROI is a challenge.

We think marketers – when armed with the right strategy and actionable data – are the lifeblood of successful B2B companies. So, we asked ourselves, “What would it look like if we applied our ‘follow your reader’ principle to B2B marketing? Would it be possible to develop a framework to help B2B marketers?”

And from there Follow Your Buyer was born.

In order to actually help customers in today’s B2B environment, you have to follow them along their buyer’s journey. Instead, too many marketers try to force customers through their sales cycle, and that just doesn’t work. We’re here to explain the difference between helping and selling. And in doing so, our hope is to educate a new generation of B2B marketers.

Check out the articles on our website. Subscribe to our newsletter. Drop us a note and tell us how we can help. Above all, that is what we are here to do.


If you’re passionate about B2B marketing and sales, our chief editor Perry Rearick, would love to hear from you. Whether seeking to attract the right prospects at the right time, engage target audiences more deeply, or explore better ways to help your prospects throughout their buyers’ journey, Perry believes that effective marketing communications aligned with your business outcomes is the essential ingredient for success. 

According to Perry, “our goal at Follow Your Buyer is to help businesses communicate their value more effectively and we do that by delivering thought provoking content and industry best practices to executive teams, marketing professionals, and sales leaders to help them grow professionally and personally.”

Prior to joining Follow Your Buyer, Perry was the senior director of publishing at Life Science Connect. During that time, he helped transform a sales force from one that simply sold advertising space to a team of business development consultants with an expertise in advertising and marketing communications. He most recently established Mungadai Consulting, an agency that develops and executes content marketing strategies for a variety of B2B and B2C businesses.   

Perry also served as officer in the United States Army in a variety of leadership positions in Special Forces and Public Affairs for nearly three decades. He calls upon his years of cross-cultural experiences, complex interpersonal relationships and a deeper than usual understanding of human behavior as he helps businesses employ better marketing practices.     

“An intentional approach to work-life balance is the key to keeping the batteries charged, mind sharp, and soul healthy,” says Perry. When not in the office, you’ll likely find him in the Colorado outdoors hiking, camping, or skiing.

We are always interested in adding to our community of Follow Your Buyer contributors to share insights and expertise. Feel free to contact Perry at prearick@followyourbuyer.com

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Chief Editor
Follow Your Buyer
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Follow Your Buyer is a division of VertMarkets, a B2B publishing, media services, and data analytics company that helps suppliers in the life sciences, electronics, environmental, and IT spaces execute effective marketing strategies to:

  • Identify and understand who is involved in the evaluation, selection, and purchase of their products.
  • Attract and influence those individuals.
  • Nurture and further educate existing prospects.
  • Grow their share of wallet from existing customers.

We've analyzed behavioral data from thousands and thousands of our readers that informed our opinion about how B2B buying works. Seeing how our readers interact with editorial and vendor content, and how they use that content to navigate the buyer's journey, is what inspired the creation of Follow Your Buyer.  

The Follow Your Buyer content marketing methodology provides a go-to-market strategy for suppliers who partner with VertMarkets through brands such as: