Follow Your Buyer Contributor Guidelines


Follow Your Buyer guest articles provide thought leaders with an outlet to share their views on B2B marketing and sales trends, tips, and best practices. Interested contributors should submit their ideas, outlines, or completed drafts to the editor for consideration.

Our editorial seeks to educate our readers on the changing complexity of the B2B buying process. Articles about how to optimize click-through rates, improve SEO, or create the best-looking banner ad are not a fit for our publication. We are seeking experts who understand the buyer’s journey, have real-world experience executing sales/marketing strategies for complex products/services, and are willing to share what has and has not worked. Please contact our editor before submitting a draft if you are unsure if your article topic is the right fit.


By delivering valuable information and ideas to Follow Your Buyer readers, industry insiders bring increased visibility and credibility to themselves, their organizations, and issues of importance to them. Guest expert articles provide contributors with unique branding and thought-leadership opportunities via:

  • Prominent placement of all articles on the Follow Your Buyer home page

  • Prominent placement in the Follow Your Buyer email newsletter (received by thousands of subscribers)

  • Article exposure through multiple social media channels

  • A dedicated author landing page, which highlights the author's bio, contact information, and published articles



Guest expert articles should address a significant trend or issue of interest to Follow Your Buyer readers, and should provide information that our readers will find useful/actionable. Articles should offer a thoughtful — even provocative — take on the chosen theme, and can combine opinion with fact-based observation and information. Possible angles include:

  • Discuss the significance of a hot topic, trend, or development within B2B marketing — one that is generating a lot of excitement, concern, and/or confusion.

  • Point to an emerging topic or issue that hasn’t yet garnered much attention or had much impact. Make a case for why readers should pay early attention to it and possibly start preparing for its eventual impact.

  • Identify a familiar need, challenge, or pain point commonly expressed by readers. Offer suggestions/options (best practices) for addressing it.



Authors are typically subject matter experts working on the front lines of B2B sales and marketing from companies, associations, consulting and analyst firms, academia, or other organizations.

A brief author bio and headshot should be included with any guest expert article submission. The bio should not include excessive or promotional (e.g., "a leading provider...") description of the company, but it may include contact information (email, LinkedIn, etc.).



Guest articles should be at least 750 words in length (not including headline, references, or author bio). For articles well over 2,000 words, we will work with the author to convert them into multi-part series.



Articles should be submitted in editable Microsoft Word format, with the language set to American English.



Articles should be original and exclusive to Follow Your Buyer. They should not have run in any print or online publication previously, in any form. They also should not be slated to run in any other publications or online sources.


Other Guidelines

  • Articles should not promote, either directly or indirectly, a company or product or service.

  • Articles should include a headline/title and in-text subheads. Headlines should be accurate, as succinct as possible (ideally <12 words), and engaging (including terms that will grab reader attention).

  • The editorial team reserves the right to accept or reject any article submitted.

  • All accepted articles and accompanying bios will be edited for style, clarity, spelling/grammar, and accuracy. However, the author is responsible for all statements in his or her work.

  • We have a rolling submission schedule and do not use a traditional editorial calendar, so we can work with authors to set mutually agreeable submission deadlines.


Submission Process

Interested contributors should submit their ideas, outlines, or completed drafts to the editor for consideration.


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