• Are You A Commodity Supplier Or A Trusted Strategic Partner?

    How does one go from being a commodity supplier to a trusted strategic partner? That question is what motivated Debra Oler, vice president and general manager at Grainger, to reframe the company’s brand. How did she do it?

  • What To Do When Your Sales Team Becomes A Bottleneck For Prospects!

    Consider this, how many prospect accounts are stalled with your sales team? I’m referring to those accounts that you think are a great fit for your solutions, but they’ve been languishing on tracking boards or in the dark spaces of your CRM for months.

  • What Problem Does Your B2B Solution Solve?

    The first stage of a new product development process is to generate ideas, the same goes for services. And the best commercial ideas often come from exploring unmet customer needs. But do you include this important information in your messaging?

  • How To Attract A Prospect And Hold Their Attention!

    There is a strong consensus among digital marketers that we have about three seconds to capture the attention of a prospect with our messaging. If we don’t, they move on, and the opportunity is lost. Holding their attention can be even more difficult. How do we get more prospects engaged with our marketing content?

  • Creating Marketing Hooks With Meaning!

    When it comes to marketing messages that resonate most with potential buyers, showing is more effective than telling. What do I mean by that?


  • If you’re a marketer, there’s a very good chance you’ve been thinking about AI in recent months. The tech isn’t new, but the rise of ChatGPT and Midjourney has created unprecedented buzz around the topic. Whether you’re just getting started with AI in marketing or looking to deepen your understanding, this article will provide insights and answers about this exciting and rapidly evolving field.

  • When creating your customer persona there are two main camps that organizations fall into. Those that have customers and those do not have customers or at least very few. If you fall into the group with customers that is great, but it still does not mean you are finished, in fact it could be the recipe for disaster. 

  • Business-to-business sales professionals are no strangers to innovation. The last decade has seen a shift to Zoom meetings, the rise of hyperscale data vendors, and modern RevOps. The days of smiling and dialing and wining and dining aren’t over, per se, but things are markedly different. Enter the next disruptor: artificial intelligence and ChatGPT in particular.

  • Communicating Your Company Culture And Values When It Matters To Your Target Audience

    Complex, long-term B2B relationships require more than the adequate delivery of goods and services. Healthy, productive relationships that lead to growth for both customers and solution providers are built on shared values and have a cultural fit at their core.

  • What Does A Helping B2B Relationship Look Like?

    If there was a Mount Rushmore for the world of sales, Zig Ziglar would hold an anchor position. Zig was a prolific author, captivating motivational speaker, salesman, and personal development trainer. He helped millions of people achieve goals that they believed were beyond their reach. He also redefined the relationship between seller and buyer, one characterized by helping!

  • B2B Content Marketing: The Importance Of Knowing What Your Prospects Care About

    “What should my content be about?” That is the most common question I hear from B2B marketers. Well, it should be about something your target audience cares about. For complex B2B purchasing decisions, target audiences are comprised of a buying team of a half dozen members or more working in collaboration to solve a problem, not necessarily buy something. To attract them, the content we create should be about the problems they’re trying to solve. Discovering our prospects’ biggest cares isn’t often easy, here are four ways to do it.



9-27-23 Selling to the c-suite


At the top of our list of valuable, must-read books for B2B leaders, marketers, and sales professionals is “Selling to the C-Suite” by Nicholas A.C. Read and Stephen J. Bistritz. Here’s why we recommend it.

Selling To The C-Suite, Not Your Typical Sales Formula Book