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03.06.24 -- Insights from Elliott Berger, Former Chief Marketing Officer at Calatent


The second episode of our Trailblazer Interview Series is featured in this edition of our newsletter, and it’s a great one. 


I had the opportunity to speak with Elliot Berger the day after Novo Holdings announced they were acquiring Catalent. Elliott is the former Chief Marketing Officer at Catalent and current board member at Orientation Marketing. He shares his thoughts on the acquisition, the exciting opportunities he sees in the life sciences space, and his practical advice to CMOs about media buying, creating an effective relationship between marketing and sales teams, and preparing yourself to be a CMO. 


And there is much more too from Jon Howland, CEO of Life Science Connect, as well as the smart folks at Altitude Marketing and Industry Standard Research. 


Our life’s work is to help you discover and adopt a better way, Follow Your Buyer!  




Perry Rearick

Perry Rearick

Chief Editor, Follow Your Buyer


Interview With Elliot Berger, Board Member At Orientation Marketing And Former CMO At Catalent

Elliot Berger, former CMO at Catalent, talks about Novo Holdings' purchase of Catalent, life sciences opportunities, media buying and more.


6 Simples Ways To Humanize Your B2B Brand

By Phil Baily, Content Marketing Specialist, Altitude Marketing

As a B2B company, you may think it’s necessary to keep a corporate demeanor in everything you do. But the truth is, humanizing your brand can help you connect with clients naturally – and then naturally stand out. Here’s how you can make that happen.


Want To Have A Real Impact? Start With The 4 A’s Of Marketing

Jon Howland, CEO of Life Science Connect

In my early days in B2B marketing, when print magazines ruled, I recall reading a short essay on the 4 A’s of Advertising. What struck me at the time was the essay’s focus on the buyer. It was among one of the first articles I read that captured the buyer perspective instead of the seller perspective. Yet we still see marketing and sales teams who expect to be able to shortcut the process and have a buyer go right from first contact to sale. It just doesn’t work that way! The 4 A’s can help us to better understand the buyer experience or journey. 


Services Marketing: Building A Strong Marketing Foundation With The Right Market Research

By Kevin Olson, CEO, Industry Standard Research

Is your services marketing strategy constantly being questioned, critiqued, and disrupted internally? Too often, marketers lack vital information to create an effective marketing strategy and your organization and department suffer due to constant disruption of marketing plans. You, as a marketer, may suffer from lack of influence and respect, limited resources, and limited professional development. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 


Why Do You Need An Effective Data Strategy?

By Zoe Fenwick

Many will have heard talk of taking a data driven approach to Sales and Marketing and having a Data Strategy but what exactly does it mean? Well quite simply it is about using data to help inform your decision making, strategy and tactics, particularly in terms of sales and marketing planning and activity. 


Seven Magnificent B2B Social Media Marketing-Tips

By Grace Peoples, Social Media Coordinator, Altitude Marketing

B2B social media content is one of the hardest things for companies to get right. In this article, I explore what social media is, why businesses should care about it, and tips for getting started with seven types of posts. 


“Of All The Paths You Take In Life, Make Sure A Few Of Them Are Dirt.” – John Muir

By Perry Rearick, Chief Editor, Follow Your Buyer

I receive great value from hiking. The walking pace and need to maintain situational awareness enables one’s senses to experience things that would otherwise go unnoticed and unlearned.

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