Blog | March 6, 2023

Who Does Your Impact Marketing Impact The Most?


By Perry Rearick, Chief Editor, Follow Your Buyer


If you answered, “our business”, of course you would be correct. All marketing impacts one’s business, both positively and negatively.

But what if I asked you who is most impacted by your marketing communications, outbound messaging, thought leadership, case studies, and product & service descriptions?

To have the biggest positive impact on your business, your external communications must have the greatest impact on your prospects and customers.

Too much of the B2B messaging that we receive in our daily diet of marketing communications is all about the seller. And, of course, we ignore it, delete it, and move on.

But when a busy small business owner receives that message that begins by telling them they can reduce the time it takes to do their payroll, they stop and read more.

Or how about the head of quality at a pharma production facility that is facing a recall because their bottles were not sealed correctly? They are less likely to be impacted by a message that says your CEO is proud to introduce the new 4.0 version of your Grandvision Unit. However, if you lead with a statement like “eliminate recalls with 100% product inspection”, you will earn their attention.

Words matter! And in marketing communications they determine who is impacted the most? Make a positive impact on the lives of your buyers, and your business will be positively impacted too.