Perry Rearick

Prior to joining Follow Your Buyer, Perry was the senior director of publishing at Life Science Connect. During that time, he helped transform a sales force from one that simply sold advertising space to a team of business development consultants with an expertise in advertising and marketing communications. He most recently established Mungadai Consulting, an agency that develops and executes content marketing strategies for a variety of B2B and B2C businesses.


Redefine Your Buyer!
Buyers are not on a buyer’s journey, they are on a problem-solving journey!  Continue Reading..
Helping Your Buyer
What is the most impactful thing a B2B solution provider can do to grow their business? Making more outbound sales calls? Creating a new eye-catching logo? Trial closing every cold call? No, no and no!  Continue Reading..
To Gate Or Not To Gate, That Is The Question
Think back to the last time your interest was piqued by an article or study with an interesting title. It may have had a compelling introduction that caused you to want to read more. So, you clicked on the “read more” button only to be met by a gate that required you to provide a half dozen pieces of personal contact information. Whether to gate or not gate content is a common question posed by B2B content marketers. It is a great...  Continue Reading..
B2B Is Cool After All
It turns out that B2B marketing is cool after all!  Continue Reading..
Measuring Results
This is the time of the year when B2B marketing teams begin planning for the next year, assuming you operate on a calendar-year planning budget. Before you begin planning, you’ll likely give some thought to how things went, and are still going, this year.   Continue Reading..
Are Your Marketing Team’s Skills Keeping Pace With The Real World?
I’ve referenced Marketing Week’s 2022 Career and Salary Survey several times in the past couple of months because it contains some troubling data related to the high turn-over rate among marketers. I know what you’re thinking! That’s just the way it is, but I don’t accept that. Employee turnover is disruptive and bad for business, we should do our best to retain quality personnel.  Continue Reading..
Do You Speak Buyer Or Seller?
What language do you use in your B2B marketing and sales communication? Is it buyer or seller? Too often our marketing and sales messaging is aligned with our selling process rather than the buyer’s journey. When we do this, prospects ignore us or view us negatively which hurts our brand.  Continue Reading..
Permission To Move About The Market Using Your Outside Voice!
Too often as B2B marketers we use our inside voices when trying to engage our target audiences. We speak about ourselves using language that is meaningful to us, but not an external group.  Continue Reading..
Do You Still Drive With Your Hands At 10 And 2?
There are new recommendations for positioning our hands on the steering wheel to promote safe driving. Many of us don't follow this advice and instead drive while distracted and wonder how we even got to our destination. Sadly, many of us are driving our B2B marketing and sales the same way.  Continue Reading..
Business Growth During Economic Uncertainty!
The thought for the week was inspired by one of my colleagues at Life Science Connect, Lindsey Snyder. Many thanks Lindsey!   Continue Reading..