Perry Rearick

Prior to joining Follow Your Buyer, Perry was the senior director of publishing at Life Science Connect. During that time, he helped transform a sales force from one that simply sold advertising space to a team of business development consultants with an expertise in advertising and marketing communications. He most recently established Mungadai Consulting, an agency that develops and executes content marketing strategies for a variety of B2B and B2C businesses.


Impossible Concept-GettyImages-1096393440
I Think There’s Still A Chance!
What is the secret to optimism in sales?  Continue Reading..
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Practicing Intentional Ignorance To Subdue Information Overload!
I recently tuned into a morning network news program. My expectations were that I might get caught-up on some important topics in the world. Boy was I wrong!  Continue Reading..
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Good News And Bad News
To survive the stress of a three-day work week, focus on the biggest opportunity.  Continue Reading..
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Customer-Centered Content Marketing - Part 2
It is important to understand that potential buyers are on a journey to solve problems, not necessarily buy something. If you want to be considered as a solution provider, you must be a helpful participant in their problem-solving journey, the entire journey.  Continue Reading..
Be Courageous!
Has courage become the forgotten leadership trait? If the leadership traits gathered for Thanksgiving, it was courage who carved the turkey. It seems like now it has been relegated to the children’s table.  Continue Reading..
Tips On Refreshing Your Content!
We recently offered some tips on refreshing your brand. Let’s stick with the theme of refreshing and apply it to our marketing content. Even content gets tired and can use some freshening up.  Continue Reading..
Tips On Refreshing Your Brand!
What makes defining “brand” so challenging is that it depends on who you ask. The most important opinion when describing your brand is that of your customers. Your brand is what they say about you.  Continue Reading..
Customer-Centered Content Marketing Part 1
Here is the problem that many of us have. We define the B2B buyer’s journey in three stages: awareness, consideration, and decision. And we define awareness as when a buyer becomes aware of us and our solutions. We then develop content strategies focused on our own products and services which is what buyers seek in the late stages of their journey. We miss the opportunity to build trust with buyers when it is most critical. What we need is...  Continue Reading..
What's Your Walk-Up Song?
The Major League Baseball playoffs are underway, and the world series will begin this week. It is a time when even those who are not fans will tune into a game, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your Golden Bachelor watch party.    Continue Reading..
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Add A Big Helping Of Kaizen To Your B2B Recipe For Success!
According to Masaaki Imai, founder of the Kaizen Institute, kaizen means improvement in one’s personal life, home life, social life, and of course, work life.  Continue Reading..