From The Editor | November 7, 2022

When The Truth Speaks, Take Good Notes!


By Perry Rearick, Chief Editor, Follow Your Buyer


Thought for the Week – When the truth speaks, take good notes!

Email marketing is a primary way B2B companies communicate their value and promote their services and products.

B2B companies have an insatiable appetite for names, more names, and better names to add to their email marketing lists, and we just keep adding them. But when one was the last time you did some list maintenance?

This is the second consecutive week that we’re talking about email marketing and the horrible state of our lists and the inaccuracy of results metrics. It’s an important topic. It’s one of those topics that we like to avoid because it can be painful if you haven’t cleaned up your lists in a while. If you’re like many B2B companies, less than half of your emails are reaching someone’s inbox.

The truth is in the details and that means we must spend some time understanding just how accurate and current our lists are, what the deliverability rates really are, and who is reading our content. Depending on how often we do this, it can be a monumental task.

It is important to seek the truth and be able to handle it when we find it. And that means being honest with ourselves and striving to understand what is really going on with our email marketing campaigns.

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