From The Editor | January 11, 2023

What's Your B2B Marketing Superpower?


By Perry Rearick, Chief Editor, Follow Your Buyer


Maurice Davis has a superpower, and it is understanding customers. I don’t mean the surface level demographics of age, gender, location, and business. He can see the world from a prospect’s point of view and apply that empathy in helping businesses develop marketing strategies, create content that attracts customers, and grow their businesses beyond their expectations.

Our digital information environment is oversaturated with content, and much of it is ignored by the very people we seek to attract, prospects and customers. Maurice knows that including insightful information in B2B marketing content about what prospects are facing, attracts them, holds their interest, and helps them overcome challenges. This creates trust between sellers and buyers and advances the buyer along their purchasing journey.

The challenge according to Maurice is “that people don’t start businesses to create content.”  They often don’t even realize that they need to create content. Even the basics of creating a website that is easily navigable by users is challenging for a small B2B solution provider.

Here are some tips from Maurice!

Think like your customer and try to view your business and solutions like they would. Market research can be really valuable in helping sellers understand buyers, but Maurice recommends starting with some common sense. We’re all buyers! Apply your own buyer reasoning by looking at your business and testing your marketing communications from the perspective of your buyers.

Review your website and delete all the “we, me, us and I” words. The harsh reality is that prospects care more about themselves and the issues they face, than about you and how great you are. Rewrite your copy from the customer perspective minus any self-promotional language. Maurice says this can be challenging the first time you try it, but with practice it becomes easier. And the results can be extraordinary. Doing this recently for a client, says Maurice, increased their site traffic by 70%.   

Before you hire an agency or freelance help, try doing it on your own. Maurice recommends creating a thought leadership article, video message, or even a podcast. Business owners often learn what format they like best or what they don’t feel comfortable with. Then, Maurice says, when you’re ready to scale your marketing efforts, consider professional experts who provide the services you need.

Measure the results of your marketing and pay close attention to what generates more and better prospect and customer engagement. It does not make any sense in working hard to create great content and not measure the results. The great thing about a lot of social media platforms according to Maurice is “that you can measure results and learn about your customers in near real time based on their reactions to your content.”

About Maurice Davis CMS, CBC, MBA

Maurice Davis, On Demand CMO
Maurice has helped hundreds of business owners gain confidence to get after their dream of creating freedom. As a small business activist, he prides himself on going against the grain. He passionately believes marketing has the power to change the world if we embrace the unknown to create magic.

Maurice is a two-time published author with several dozen business certificates. He believes in transparency, tapered with kindness. He gives back to the community by coaching nonprofit organizations' marketing teams and teaching high school students how to use marketing skills to make money.

Maurice has two rules that he lives by…help people without expectations and tell people what’s on your mind without fear.