Blog | October 27, 2023

Tips On Refreshing Your Brand!


By Perry Rearick, Chief Editor, Follow Your Buyer


Last week I received an email from a marketing agency offering tips to help me refresh my brand. The advice included:

  • how to ideate eye-catching graphics.
  • building blocks for catchy slogans.
  • how to brainstorm creative taglines.
  • popular fonts to attract leads, no kidding.
  • using color pallets to communicate mood.

These may be good tips for refreshing your logo and taglines, although I question how a font creates leads. However, your brand is far more than colors, images, and text.

What makes defining “brand” so challenging is that it depends on who you ask. If you ask a product developer, they’ll describe a product set. Ask a commercial strategist, they’ll describe a market segment. And like the example above, when you ask a graphic designer, they’ll describe images.

The most important opinion when describing your brand is that of your customers. Your brand is what they say about you.    

So, when it comes time to refresh your brand, start with your buyers by refreshing your understanding of them. And that means speaking with them! 

What are the most significant challenges they face?

How have they been helped by you in overcoming those challenges?

Ask them to give you an elevator pitch about you.

Then ask yourself some questions.

How does what they say align with who you want to be known as?

Do your marketing messages match their words?

If not, refresh your messaging and align it to the issues your customers have, how they solved them with your help, and what it means to their business.

It’s all about following your buyer.