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11.06.23 -- Thought for the Week - Tips on refreshing your content!


Thought for the Week –Tips on refreshing your content!


Last week’s thought was a set of tips on refreshing your brand. This week let’s stick with the theme of refreshing and apply it to our marketing content. Even content gets tired and can use some freshening up. 


I invite you to go back and read Tips on Refreshing Your Brand, if you missed it. It’s a short one-minute read.  


If you follow the recommendations for refreshing your brand, you’ll have a nice body of information on the challenges your customers face and how you’ve helped them in the past, but you will have also uncovered some new ones too. And you’ll have it all in their words.


So, how do we transform that information into marketing collateral?


***The key to attracting the attention of busy, distracted prospects is to make your content about them, not you.


Here are some easy ways to refresh your existing content. 


-Search your current content for “me, us and we” words. And then count how many times they occur in a single article, case study or thought leadership piece. If you have a dozen or more references to yourself, your content is not about your customer. 


-Edit your titles, headers, and taglines to capture the most common problems your customers have that you can help them solve. 


-Edit your case studies to make your customer the hero in the story. Demonstrate how they solved the problem with your support. 


-Here is an easy one! Make sure every article, case study, blog, and editorial opinion has a named author, someone in your organization who is a subject matter expert on the topic. Buyers want to work with people they trust!


-Use a personal communication style that is speaking to a prospect, a real person or team of people who are trying to solve a problem. Use the words you and your. 


Try these five things and watch your prospect engagement increase significantly!


I hope you have a great week!



Perry Rearick


Chief Editor, Follow Your Buyer







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