Blog | February 15, 2022

Thought For The Week!


By Perry Rearick, Chief Editor, Follow Your Buyer


Is your B2B messaging organic free-range, or omega-3 fortified brown?

When did buying eggs become a complex purchasing decision? The choices and labeling can be overwhelming. The egg section has become a major chokepoint at the grocery store, running a close 3rd behind the deli and the fresh donuts. I resorted to using an egg glossary to understand all the labeling terms. Did you know that brown eggs are no healthier than white? They just come from brown chickens!

We B2B marketers also like to jam a lot of confusing words into our messaging and taglines that don’t have meaning for the people we’re trying to reach, the buyers. Here are some examples:

Optimized Data—what?
Premier Value—would we want an alternative? 
Next Generation—I have a difficult enough time living in the present.
Best in Class-like in a dog show?
Cutting-Edge—sounds too violent. 
One-Stop Shop—this one is just overused. 
World Class—I’m guilty of using this one.

As you’re crafting your taglines this week, do so with your buyer’s perspective. What will it mean to them?

Back to that egg dilemma. On my last trip to the store, I stopped by the farmer’s market on the way home and bought a dozen of what the vendor described as delicious tasting eggs!

I hope you have a great week!