Blog | October 31, 2022

The Truth Shall Set You Free


By Perry Rearick, Chief Editor, Follow Your Buyer


Thought for the Week – The truth shall set you free!

The primary way that B2B companies communicate their value and promote their services and products is through email marketing, what we commonly refer to as the e-blast.

89% of B2B marketers say that email marketing is the primary channel they use to generate sales. Many of us send regular emails to a large list of contacts we collected over time, and we also purchase e-blasts from publishing companies who do the same.

We then track the results and celebrate open and click through rates and crow about it to our leadership. We conduct deep analysis to draw correlations between subject lines, titles, channels, publishers, and content quality and quantity.

But what about the quality of the list of people we sent the blast to?

When was the last time you cleaned your email marketing database?

When deducing results, do you account for those non-human bots?

When did you last remove duplicates from your list?

How about that person who appears on your list four times at four different companies?

People do change jobs!

So, dig into those marketing email lists like they’re a basket of your favorite chicken wings, and don’t leave any meat on the bones.

I hope you have a great week!