Blog | October 3, 2022

Redefine Your Buyer!


By Perry Rearick, Chief Editor, Follow Your Buyer


Thought for the Week – Redefine Your Buyer!

When you ask buyers their thoughts on B2B sellers, they speak about how critical their partnerships are in achieving their business goals. When probing a bit deeper they speak about the problems B2B solution providers have helped them solve.

For life sciences companies it might be overcoming formulation development challenges, helping them streamline their regulatory approval process, or scaling their production.

You see, buyers are not on a buyer’s journey, they are on a problem-solving journey!

Yet, the marketing messages coming from most B2B sellers focus on selling, speaking mostly about themselves, or features and benefits.

The best B2B marketers understand the challenges their target audiences face. And they speak directly about those challenges using the language of their target audiences.

Understanding this buyer-focused concept is easy but transforming your marketing and sales operations to be buyer-centered is not. When embarking on a change like this, be prepared for some resistance. You know what I mean, “but, we’ve always done it this way.

Here’s what I recommend to help you get started. Redefine your buyer as a problem-solver!

This leads to a series of valuable questions that help shape your thinking, organization, and messaging in a way that better attracts and engages your target audiences.  

What problem are they trying to solve?
Have they accurately defined their problem?
How is the problem harming their business?
What will they achieve when they solve the problem?
How can I help them?

I hope you have a great week!