Blog | September 26, 2022

Helping Your Buyer


By Perry Rearick, Chief Editor, Follow Your Buyer


Thought for the Week – Help Your Buyer!

What is the most impactful thing a B2B solution provider can do to grow their business?

Making more outbound sales calls? Creating a new eye-catching logo? Trial closing every cold call? No, no and no!

Adopting a helping rather than a selling culture is the one thing that will grow your business more than anything else.

When embracing a helping ethos, your marketing material is grounded in the things that matter to your prospects and customers. The nature of your content is aligned with the journey your buyers take in making purchasing decisions. And it is mostly non-promotional!

You help them along their journey with thoughtful articles addressing their biggest business issues. You speak about their business using their words. You share examples of how other customers have solved problems with your solutions.

When a prospect reveals themselves as a potential lead, you first determine where they are in their buyer’s journey. You gain an understanding of their specific interests based on your content they engaged with. Following up delivers more content on the same topic to help the buyer learn more.

The prospect wanting to speak with you is an indication they made progress in their buyer’s journey. Most importantly, they’ve made this progress because you helped them, and they trust you.

When you sincerely and selflessly help buyers along their journey, they are more confident in their purchasing decisions, more likely to consider you for other solution needs, and will more likely become customers for life.

Ask yourself the question, is your marketing and sales grounded in a culture of selling, or helping?

I hope you have a great week!