Blog | July 15, 2022

Do Your Buyers See Themselves In Your Content


By Perry Rearick, Chief Editor, Follow Your Buyer


Thought for the Week – Does your buyer see themselves in your content?

Content marketing is the bomb!

However, because of its popularity we’ve created a lot of content, and sadly, much of it is bad. Our buyers think so too, which sort of defeats the purpose of using it to attract customers. In many cases it repels them! 

Our biggest mistake with B2B marketing is that we don’t include our buyer in the content we create, but instead our messaging is me-centric.   

To understand the effect of me-centric content, think back to the networking event when you met that person who went on and on about themselves. Every networking event has one of those folks. If you don’t remember meeting them, well, perhaps, just maybe.…

Content that attracts buyers makes them the main subject of the thought leadership article, story, case study, and yes, even the product and service description.

Take some time this week to put your customer, prospect, and buyer at the center of your content. Review some of your existing content from the buyer’s perspective. Would they see themselves in it?

I hope you have a great week!