Blog | May 5, 2021

Content Marketing Is...

Jeremy Victor

By Jeremy Victor



Content marketing is...

  • ...your next competitive advantage.
  • ...personal, educational, and created for SOMEONE, not everyone.
  • ...a discipline that requires study and practice.
  • ...designed to ensure that your marketing speaks to all the people involved in the buying process – end-users, influencers, the project champion, the important internal stakeholders, and of course, the decision-makers.
  • ...driven by the fact that sales and marketing organizations can do very little to hasten today’s B2B buying lifecycle. Today’s buyers move at their own pace – you need to have the right information, at the right stage, at the moment your buyers want it.
  • approach for attracting, interacting with, and influencing today’s working professionals, who source products using search engines, social networks, industry-specific websites, peer-to-peer networks, product reviews, videos, word of mouth, and more.
  • ...a methodology for developing helpful, useful information that is used to market your products and/or services during the multiple stages of the B2B buying lifecycle. From awareness to selection, today’s B2B marketers need content that influences buyers.
  • ...not a fad, a buzzword, or the next passing fancy. It’s a skill that needs to be developed and mastered.