• 5 Ways To Improve Your Content Strategy

    Your content and communication need to follow one basic principle -- the key to creating successful B2B relationships is by providing your audience with information that they find timely, helpful, and useful. With that as our guiding principle, use these five tips to improve your content strategy.

  • Content Marketing Is...

    Content marketing is a discipline that requires study and practice. It’s not a fad, a buzzword, or the next passing fancy. It’s a skill that needs to be developed and mastered.

  • What Really Is A Buyer Persona?

    A buyer persona is a description of a specific person for whom your products and services are intended. It goes beyond statistics and demographics and defines behaviors, motivations, likes/dislikes, traits, etc. Its intent is to help you reach your customers on a human level.

  • 3 Keys To Ditching The Marketing Speak And Developing Relevant B2B Content

    Typical B2B marketing overflows with overused, self-serving puffery like "best-in-class" and "results-oriented." As meaningless as these terms are on your homepage and brochure, using the same approach for your content marketing will almost certainly have disastrous long-term consequences.

  • Content Marketing: Four Essential Elements

    There are four things every B2B marketer needs to know and understand to become a successful content marketer. Learn and master these first.

Jeremy Victor

Jeremy Victor

Jeremy Victor is the Senior Vice President, Customer Experience & Success at VertMarkets. He leads the team responsible for delivering customer value across all VertMarkets business units, including Media Services, Content Services, Analytics, Research, and Events. His strong balance of business and technology acumen enable him to help the company design and develop products, applications, and systems that continuously improve the customer experience. Throughout his career, Victor has stayed at the forefront of emerging digital and Web technologies. He is by nature a critical thinker, effective problem solver, and natural leader. He takes pride in his service-driven leadership style and views his role as a leader as one to support his employees in achieving their goals and aspirations. He's empathetic, quickly admits mistakes, and encourages a growth mindset among his teams. He has helped Fortune 500 media, publishing, software, education, and life science organizations better serve their customers. It's his passion. Before joining VertMarkets, Victor oversaw customer support operations at Petersons, a division of Thomson Learning. He re-engineered several separate customer service and technical support departments into a single, cohesive service organization supporting over 50,000 customers and 35,000 e-commerce transactions annually.