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03.01.23 -- Are you finding opportunities in problems?

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Are you finding opportunities in problems?


You have likely read or at least heard of Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War.”  It was mandatory reading for me as a young Army officer and it is also wildly popular with business leaders, coaches, lawyers, politicians and more. Why is that?


Most of us will not be engaging in warfare and my warfighting days are a distant memory. Yet, there are great lessons that can be learned from Sun Tzu’s principles. 


My favorite is “victory comes from finding opportunities in problems.” Read that again…”finding opportunities in problems.” This is a prerequisite mindset for finding “solutions to problems.”


What is your initial reaction when encountering a problem? Do you fret, shrink away, or ignore them? Or do you celebrate them and become energized? The latter is what Sun Tsu’s principle is referring to. Finding opportunities in problems enables us to become more curious knowing that somewhere in each problem lies an opportunity. It is a rare, prized characteristic.


This edition of our newsletter features an article about Enlitic, an exciting healthcare technology company and their marketing communications strategy built around focusing on the biggest opportunity. And there is much more too!


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Perry Rearick

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Enlitic’s Formula For Success – Enthusiastically Focusing On The Biggest Opportunity

You might describe Enlitic as a modern healthcare technology company and you wouldn’t be wrong. But, while they use a blend of technologies paired with artificial intelligence (AI), they prefer to call themselves an intelligence company. The way they position themselves in the market and communicate their value is an excellent case study in effective B2B marketing communications.

What’s Your B2B Marketing Superpower?

Maurice Davis has a superpower, and it is understanding customers. I don’t mean the surface level demographics of age, gender, location, and business. He can see the world from a prospect’s point of view and apply that empathy in helping businesses develop marketing strategies, create content that attracts customers, and grow their businesses beyond their expectations.

Purpose Before Profit

Unless you’ve been stranded on a remote island attempting to recreate Tom Hanks’ “Cast Away” experience, you’ve likely noticed how captivated business and society has become with being purpose driven. Being part of something that is bigger than ourselves has not only become popular it is a highly successful business model that helps create memorable brands and loyal customers. 

Are Your Marketing Team’s Skills Keeping Pace With The Real World?

I’ve referenced Marketing Week’s 2022 Career and Salary Survey several times in the past couple of months because it contains some troubling data related to the high turn-over rate among marketers. I know what you’re thinking! That’s just the way it is, but I don’t accept that. Employee turnover is disruptive and bad for business, we should do our best to retain quality personnel.