Newsletter | February 15, 2023

02.15.23 -- A Potpourri of Thoughts to Help Your Business

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A potpourri of thoughts to help your business!


This edition of our newsletter is a collection of “Thoughts for the Week” that were popular with you, our readers. Knowing that you may have missed some, we’re republishing them.


They represent a blend of ideas that I believe are most important in creating a long-lasting B2B marketing and sales engine that produces revenue growth and creates customers for life.


If you are a regular reader of Follow Your Buyer, you won’t be surprised that each is centered on the buyer and helping them throughout their journey to making a purchasing decision, rather than simply selling them a solution.


We cover being more intentional with your marketing, redefining your buyer as someone trying to solve a problem and helping them, examining your content from your buyer’s perspective, and getting better results from your paid media.


I hope you enjoy this edition of the newsletter and I’d love to hear about the successes you are having by applying a customer centered approach to marketing and sales.


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- Perry

Perry Rearick

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


Exclusive Content From Follow Your Buyer
Yoga, B2B Marketing, And Establishing Your Intention!

About five years ago I attended my first yoga class ever. The session began with quiet reflection, and we were encouraged to establish an intention. What? My first reaction was, “I intend to do yoga.” But that's not what the instructor meant.

Redefine Your Buyer!

Buyers are not on a buyer’s journey, they are on a problem-solving journey!

Helping Your Buyer

What is the most impactful thing a B2B solution provider can do to grow their business? Making more outbound sales calls? Creating a new eye-catching logo? Trial closing every cold call? No, no and no!

Looking At Your Content Like Your Prospects Do!

Effective B2B content marketers put a lot of effort in determining content themes and topics, creatively producing it, intentionally distributing it, and measuring the results. But have you ever done a self-assessment of your marketing content based on its ability to engage your prospects and buyers with something they care about? 

Being More Intentional With Your Paid Media!

Content marketing lifted B2B companies out of the dark ages and into marketing enlightenment. Long gone are the days when B2B marketers created only complex spec sheets and product brochures. B2B marketing collateral is now some of the most interesting and engaging content available, when it gets to the right target audiences.