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11.30.22 -- Making B2B Human Again!

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Making B2B Human Again!


Marketing automation has tapped into a human tendency we all have to find the easiest way to do things. It allows us to automate messages that we blast out to large data bases, announce new products and services to everyone we know, and invite prospects to visit our booth at an upcoming tradeshow and be rewarded with some cool swag.


This automated messaging has naturally made its way into our use of social media and specifically, LinkedIn. Many of us have tried to turn a platform intended to connect people into our own impersonal pitch stage.


This practice is sucking the life out of B2B marketing and sales and dehumanizing business and it’s somewhat of a dilemma. The very thing intended to better connect us as people becomes a vehicle to automate sales pitches in a most inhumane way.


This issue of our newsletter is about using LinkedIn to make B2B marketing and sales human again. Our feature article is based on a conversation I had with Braden Wallake and Kellan Smith of HyperSocial on how to automate what we can and personalize what we should. There are also two articles with tips on how to get the most from your LinkedIn participation. And there is a great guide on setting up your profile from Nina Riffaud, of HyperSocial.


Special thanks to all the experts I’ve had the pleasure to connect with on LinkedIn.


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Happy Thanksgiving - Perry

Perry Rearick

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Making B2B Human Again!

At some point we sucked the life out of our B2B marketing communications. Maybe it’s the way we over automate our outgoing messages or that we’ve turned our marketing departments into impersonal content production centers.

There Must Be A Better Way!

Hayato Nakamura recalls the excitement he experienced when he reported for his first job out of college with a Fortune 500 company. His onboarding consisted of being walked to an office cubicle containing only a desk and a phone. He was handed a printed lead list and instructed to begin smiling and dialing. It wasn't long before his bliss melted away and the grind set it in. There must be a better way, he thought. Good news, there is!

A Comprehensive Breakdown Of The LinkedIn Personal Profile

When it comes to your LinkedIn profile, you want it to be current and complete. The more you have filled out your profile, the better. This will do things like raise your social selling index (SSI) score and help you stand out among searches on the platform.

Is Your B2B Social Media Program Like A Self-Licking Ice Cream Cone?

For years when a B2B company expressed an interest in starting a social media program, I often cautioned them that it was like a self-licking ice cream cone. Were they prepared to continuously put fresh scoops of content on their page? However, my advice was wrong!