Blog | April 4, 2022

Are You Measuring What Matters?

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Thought for the Week—Are you measuring what matters?

Try counting the “helps”!

B2B sales leaders are busy people. Often-long days are spent monitoring the work of equally busy salespeople and trying to find the easiest ways to measure activity and tying it to success. Over time, this has caused sales leaders to turn a complex buyer’s journey into a linear sales process that measures busyness: dials, call time, emails sent, contacts. Before you know it, we have a team of robotic calling machines.

Instead, sales leaders should measure what matters, here are some ideas.

Is the salesperson prepared to help each prospect before they contact them?

How many helpful business conversations did a salesperson have with a prospect?

Did the salesperson help the prospect uncover a problem they have that we can help them with?

Did the salesperson help them and did the prospect recognize the help?

Did the salesperson follow-up with an email that contained valuable information to help the prospect more?

Did the salesperson receive calls from prospects asking for more help?

Notice how many times the word “help” appears in the questions above.

Rather than counting calls, try counting the number of helps a salesperson achieves in a day. This isn’t easy, but I guarantee that more helps will lead to more sales.

I hope you have a great day and let me know how the helping goes!