Newsletter | August 21, 2023

08.21.23 -- Thought for the Week - How to attract a prospect and hold their attention with the right content!


THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK - How to attract a prospect and hold their attention with the right content!


There is a strong consensus among digital marketers that we have about three seconds to capture the attention of a prospect with our messaging. If we don’t, they move on, and the opportunity is lost. Holding their attention can be even more difficult. 


How do we get more prospects engaged with our marketing content? Make it about them!


B2B marketing content, especially for complex solutions, is heavily tilted toward long, detailed explanations of products, services, new facilities, not to mention the self-absorbed history lessons on the origins of the company.


New prospects, the ones in the early stages of their buyer’s journey, are trying to solve problems by understanding current issues, establishing objectives, and setting strategies. The B2B companies that produce content to help these prospects will establish trust with them and will be considered when vendor criteria is set.


So, all that self-promotional, features and benefits content likely isn’t even noticed by new prospects.


Here’s what you can do to fix that!


1. Create a list of problems that your target audience has that you can help them solve.

2. Create a content library of articles written by your subject matter experts, or ghost written for them, on ways to solve these problems.

3. Create a title for each article that states the problem and hints at a solution.

4. Introduce each article with a definition of the problem from your prospect’s point of view, describing it the way they do, and projecting an understanding of the challenges they face.

5. Keep your discussion of the solution neutral, no self-promotional slips.

6. Offer enough of the solution to encourage them to want to learn more.


Do this and watch engagement and interest from new prospects increase!   


I hope you have a great week! 



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Perry Rearick

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer