Newsletter | February 13, 2023

02.13.23 -- Thought for the Week – The value of mountaintop experiences!


THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK - The value of mountaintop experiences!


You may have heard someone speak about having a mountaintop experience. Its origins are biblical and refer to transcendence-like moments that can result in clarity, understanding, new ideas and inspiration. But they aren’t often delivered to us on a silver platter, we must seek them out and work for them.


And that is what I’m doing this week, creating my own sort of mountaintop experience by spending time in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. A big chunk of each day will be spent disconnected from my digital workspace and connected to the outdoors skiing, hiking, snowshoeing and simply being cold and out of breath. It helps clear my mind and gets my brain firing on all cylinders.


Of course, you don’t have to spend a week in the Rockies to have this experience. You can exercise regularly, meditate, or take a daily walk. When you do, you may find solutions for all those insurmountable problems.


So, I may be a little less active on social media this week but expect to be back next week armed with a full funnel of editorial ideas for you.


I hope you have a great week! 



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Perry Rearick

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer