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02.01.23 -- Is Sales and Marketing Dysfunction Killing Your Business?

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Is sales and marketing dysfunction killing your business?


I’m hearing about some troubling actions being taken by business leaders based on their economic nervousness.


Perhaps actual sales are down or funnels aren’t as robust as they have been in recent years. Conversations with prospects and current clients, who are also nervous, aren’t generating confidence, or maybe the conversations aren’t happening at all.


This has business leaders making cuts, or at least considering them. Not only am I hearing about marketing budgets being cut, but layoffs too. And of course, marketing departments are always on the chopping block. This makes no sense!


Think about it this way. You register for a 10K race and discover that much of the route is an uphill climb. Naturally, you determine that you must train differently, and you include more uphill running in your weekly routine. But you don’t amputate a leg or have a one of your lungs removed. Perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, but maybe not!


Those B2B companies who consider making cuts to marketing because they believe sales are at risk have much bigger issues than a decline in sales. Often, their marketing and sales operations are fraught with problems already and those problems have been hurting their business for some time.


This issue of our newsletter features an interview with Sumit Mahajan, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Datamatics Business Solutions. He offers a framework for revenue generation by improving sales and marketing interoperability.


There is also an article on reframing the relationship between marketing and sales by focusing on the buyer, and some advice on improving the way leads are handed off between marketing and sales.


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- Perry

Perry Rearick

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


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Accelerate Business Growth With Sales And Marketing Interoperability

When trying to discover why our business is not growing as much, or as quickly, as we like, it is common to initially blame uncertain economic conditions or other factors outside of our control. If we look inward at the things we can control, we may point to low quality leads from marketing or undisciplined sales teams that fail to close. The real problem is not often siloed in either marketing or sales, but in how they work together.

Reframing The Relationship Between B2B Sales And Marketing

Exploring ways to improve the relationship between sales and marketing in B2B businesses is like venturing into the Sahara on foot without water. Rarely do business leaders intentionally set out to change marketing and sales operations, to include organizational structure and processes. We too easily retreat to the risk-free zone of “but that’s the way we’ve always done it.” However, the harsh truth is that this modus operandi is fraught with risk.  

Your Marketing Should Be Like A Swiss Army Knife

Marketing is about managing priorities—there are so many things you could be doing, so it's crucial to focus on what matters most. Your marketing operations should be like a Swiss Army Knife: ready to employ whatever tool or strategy matters most at any given time, and then quickly pivoting to what's next.

The Handoff – Transitioning Leads From Marketing To Sales

The key to successful track and field relay teams is the interdependent relationship of the four runners. Of course, running speed is important, but the baton must make it across the finish line too. The teams that efficiently transfer the baton from one to another have a better chance of winning. They spend many hours practicing and perfecting just the hand-off and make it look much easier than it is. And great marketing and sales teams that possess the same interdependence win more business.