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02.08.23 -- How customer centric is your business?

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How customer centric is your business? 


Companies love to proclaim how their customers always come first. The practice is as predictable as pizza and wings during a Superbowl party.  


If this is true, why is so much marketing communications about sellers, their products and services, how great the new facilities are, how long they’ve been in business…yada, yada, yada.


Your prospects and customers don’t care about this. They care about how your offerings can help them solve the problems they have. Your messaging should connect the two and begin by expressing an understanding of your target audience’s biggest challenges.


A customer centric approach to marketing and sales builds trust with prospects, shortens their buyer’s journey, differentiates you from your competitors, and puts the connection between buyer and seller on the fast track to a business relationship.


It includes identifying, learning about, helping, engaging, and fully understanding your buyers.


The first opportunity we have to put our business on this path is when we develop a positioning statement and value proposition. Most often we craft these basic tools to be all about ourselves, which puts us on a “me”, “I” or “we” centric trajectory. And we don’t even get that critical 3-second consideration from the very busy people we’re trying to attract.


This issue of our newsletter is all about placing our buyers at the center of all we do including every bit of external communications we develop to attract them.


Adam Lofquist offers expert advice in helping us develop an effective value proposition that serves as a “bridge” connecting customers and all the issues they face with the seller and the solutions that can help them.


Additionally, we have great advice on helping you ask better questions of your buyer and developing a comprehensive customer centric marketing and sales model. We also have an article that explains why a buyer centric approach is so important and successful now.


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- Perry

Perry Rearick

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


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