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01.18.23 -- Does your marketing content engage your prospects and customers?

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Great marketing content is often judged by its ability to engage prospects and customers, after all, isn’t that its purpose? But I also get a lot of questions about what that means.


Last Fall I attended an immersive “experience” created by David Byrne of Talking Heads fame and writer Mala Gaonkar called “Theater of the Mind”. It was a blend of theater, dance, art, funhouse, history, some mental self-examination, and a little music all packed into one experience. It stimulated all five of my senses including smell and taste. I talked about it for days and it still comes up in conversations with my friends. It was engaging!


That is the goal of marketing content that engages your prospects and customers.


Does your marketing content capture and hold the full attention of your prospects?


Do you challenge your prospects in ways that cause them to question what they’re doing and seek something better for their business?


Do your potential buyers talk about your sales follow-up calls with their colleagues for days?


So, before you blast out that stale email which is no more than a replay of last year’s tradeshow announcement, pause and think about how engaging it really is for your target audience.


This week’s newsletter is bursting with great articles about creating better and more engaging content. Wendy Jacobson, our content expert in residence, contributes our feature article on, you guessed it, creating content that engages your audience.


And there is more on content marketing fundamentals, getting a drifting content marketing strategy back on track, and how to be more intentional with your content creation process.


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Perry Rearick

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


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