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02.23.23 -- B2B Thought Leadership Content Is More Important Than Ever

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B2B thought leadership content is more important than ever!


Nervousness tied to economic uncertainty has business leaders being more careful with their spending and buyers are assessing their partnerships based on what is essential to them. And if your products and services aren’t essential, getting a sales conversation will be nearly impossible.


B2B solution providers are also nervous, spending less, and even making cuts. Unfortunately, I’m hearing of a lot of sellers making unwise cuts to marketing to weather the economic storms they fear may be coming.


I recently heard from a marketing director whose entire budget was put on hold. They found themselves in a meeting with the head of sales and the rest of the company leadership defending her already approved marketing plans against calls by sales to attend more tradeshows.


Let that sink in for a bit! If your buyers are spending more carefully and on things they believe are essential to their business, they are going to spend far more time in the early stages of their buyer’s journey researching and understanding the issues they are facing, what they can do about it, and developing strategies. They are not increasing the number of sales calls they’re taking.


And that is what the most recent Edelman-LinkedIn Thought Leadership Impact Study uncovered. Now, facing nervousness and tight spending budgets, is the time for B2B solution providers to invest more in producing early buyer’s journey content, thought leadership.


This edition of our newsletter features an article based on an interview we did with Kate Cooper, Executive VP and Midwest Market Lead at Edelman. She shares key take aways for B2B marketers, communicators and sales teams that will not only help you weather an economic downturn, but grow.


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B2B Thought Leadership Content Is More Important Than Ever

The 2022 LinkedIn-Edelman B2B Thought Leadership Impact Report was released in December. It is the 5th annual study and I believe it is one of the most important reports for B2B companies and their marketing and sales leadership. I recently spoke to Kate Cooper, Executive Vice President and Midwest Market Lead in Edelman’s Business Marketing practice and she shared some key take aways from the report. 

To Gate Or Not To Gate, That Is The Question

Think back to the last time your interest was piqued by an article or study with an interesting title. It may have had a compelling introduction that caused you to want to read more. So, you clicked on the “read more” button only to be met by a gate that required you to provide a half dozen pieces of personal contact information. Whether to gate or not gate content is a common question posed by B2B content marketers. It is a great question and worth some thought.

Creating Magnetic B2B Content

There is a significant groundswell among B2B sellers in employing content marketing strategies to attract buyers. This has created a hyperactive environment in which B2B marketers feverishly crank-out content to compete for share of voice and fuel what they perceive to be an insatiable appetite for content among their target audiences.

Business Growth During Economic Uncertainty!

The thought for the week was inspired by one of my colleagues at Life Science Connect, Lindsey Snyder. Many thanks Lindsey!