Newsletter | August 18, 2021

08.18.21 -- What's Going On With B2B Trade Shows?

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"The question I’m posing to B2B marketers today is on behalf of dogs out there: What will happen when trade shows are back?"


I wrote that back in September 2020, amidst a flurry of dog adoptions sparked by humans staying at home during the heart of the pandemic. Many of these new dog owners had business flights booked for Q3 and Q4 that are now being reconsidered.


Will the Delta variant force us to stay home with our dogs and conduct business via Zoom until 2022? What is going on with trade shows? When will we be able to travel for business again?


If you're feeling stressed about the state of travel, check out this week's featured article, which reassures us we can do this marketing thing without meeting our prospects face-to-face in person. As a bonus, the article links to a few cute pictures of my dog.


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Abby Sorensen

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


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