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05.26.21 -- What Really Is A Buyer Persona?

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"First and foremost, a key point should be made: Your products are not the center of anyone’s universe but your own," says my esteemed colleague in this week's featured article. "Broaden your scope of thinking about your buyers and realize that your product, no matter how important it is, will only ever touch a portion of their day-to-day activities." 


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Abby Sorensen

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


What Really Is A Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is a description of a specific person for whom your products and services are intended. It goes beyond statistics and demographics and defines behaviors, motivations, likes/dislikes, traits, etc. Its intent is to help you reach your customers on a human level.

Write For Someone, Not For Everyone

Developing accurate buyer personas and tailoring content might sound easy, but it’s arguably the most difficult – and the most important – part of the content marketing process.

Follow Your Buyer: An Introduction For Innovative B2B Marketers

Most B2B marketers know more about their own products and services than they do about their prospects and active customers. The first step to following your buyer is to identify that buyer. You may think you already know enough information about your buyer, but chances are that information only exists within the context of your products and services.

B2B Marketing Around The Web
Getting B2B Buyer Personas Right

"To truly understand who your customers are, you need to talk to them," says this Sugar Market (previously Salesfusion) blog post. It sounds exactly like what Follow Your Buyer preaches. Check out #2 in this article (both of them).

9 Questions For B2B Buyer Persona Success

Win Salyards, marketing coordinator at Heinz Marketing, says, "When I approach building a buyer persona for a client, I like to rely on a modified set of questions actors use to understand the character’s role." If you're in buyer persona building mode, make sure to check out the related links at the bottom of this blog post too.