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01.11.23 -- What is your B2B marketing superpower?




What is your B2B marketing superpower?


Most discussions about customer centricity among B2B solution providers immediately turn to how they serve current customers. But what about prospects? Shouldn’t we offer the same customer centered approach when they are navigating their buyer’s journey to a purchasing decision? And shouldn’t our marketing content reflect that?


Instead, many of us focus our content on selling rather than delivering a high-quality buying experience intended to help the prospect before they become a customer.


Providing prospects with non-promotional content, void of sales pitches, remains counterintuitive to many B2B companies. However, content intended to help rather than sell prospects, especially in the early stages of their buyer’s journey, makes purchasing decisions easier for them and accelerates the sales process.


But this is more difficult than it sounds. Many have not yet overcome the foundational mindset change that has us tethered to a traditional content strategy of only promoting features and benefits with a hard sales call to action. Additionally, those who have accepted the way buyers now make purchasing decisions find it difficult to create the right kind of content in the right amounts to serve their prospects.


This week’s newsletter features my friend, Maurice Davis, who has a special superpower, understanding customers and the way they make purchasing decisions, and he shares some valuable tips for B2B solution providers. And there is more to help you transform your marketing strategy into a supercharged prospect magnet.


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Perry Rearick

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


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