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07.27.22 -- What is the purpose of your business?

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What is your purpose?


Many of us are called to be part of something that matters, something that is bigger than us. It can give us a sense of purpose in our lives. It motivates us to volunteer our time for causes and organizations dedicated to helping others.


Businesses can also operate with the same sense of calling and some directly support social or environmental programs. But some companies establish business models intended to pursue something they believe is a higher calling, or purpose.


Rather than having a focus on selling, the revenue that is generated from customers buying their products and services is a natural result of placing a priority on their purpose.


In this edition of our newsletter, we feature an article that offers three vignettes of how having a purpose can drive big results. And there is more too: using purpose to bring clarity to the daily and common, employing a marketing approach to attract the right customers rather than chasing them, and how having an underdog attitude can help you outperform your competition.


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Perry Rearick

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


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Purpose Before Profit

Unless you’ve been stranded on a remote island attempting to recreate Tom Hanks’ “Cast Away” experience, you’ve likely noticed how captivated business and society has become with being purpose driven. Being part of something that is bigger than ourselves has not only become popular it is a highly successful business model that helps create memorable brands and loyal customers. 

Are Your Marketing Tactics Supporting Your Business Strategy? If You’re Not Sure, Try Task And Purpose

I speak with a lot of B2B marketing professionals who describe their work as trying to manage chaos. Unrealistic deadlines, constantly changing priorities, emergency press releases that never get approved for distribution, and tradeshow collateral that must be created and overnighted are all in a typical day’s work. I’ve been in newsrooms less frenzied.

Marketing is intended to be the process organizations use to engage target audiences, nurture customer relationships, develop business, and, ultimately, generate revenue. But too many organizations are drowning in tactics that are not linked to their business strategy. To gain clarity, think task and purpose.

Stop Looking For Customers, Start Attracting Them

The key to gaining buyers’ permission to participate in the early stages of their journey is to provide them with relevant, helpful content.

Outperforming The Competition With An Underdog Attitude

We love underdogs. Remember when the US hockey team earned a gold medal with an astonishing defeat of the Soviet Union in the 1980 Olympics? Or how about the perennial underdogs, AFC Richmond, coached by our favorite uber-optimist Ted Lasso.