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11.09.22 -- What can you do about your email marketing problem?

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Taking the first step to solving a problem is accepting that there is a problem. The truth is that the state of email marketing has BIG PROBLEMS!


For many B2B marketers, email marketing lists are a mess, deliverability is fraught with challenges and over-reported, and the vanity metrics, open and clicks, that we most commonly use, are inaccurate and offer no more than a temporary good, or perhaps bad, feeling.


Last week, our feature article defined the problem, explained why it exists, and described how it is negatively impacting our email marketing campaigns. I’ve included that in this newsletter in case you missed it.


This week, our feature offers some advice on what B2B marketers can do to clean up email marketing lists, improve deliverability, and better reach prospects. It is a complex problem! The solution requires more than bolting some technology onto your email marketing operations, although technology can help greatly.


I find the biggest challenge is getting started, so I encourage you read our feature to help you begin, reach out for some expert help, and accept that you likely have problems. The good news is that they are solvable!


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Perry Rearick

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


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