Newsletter | May 4, 2022

05.04.22 -- Welcome to a new age of B2B marketing and sales!

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Welcome to a new age of B2B marketing and sales! Well, perhaps not all that new for many of you.


Information is everywhere and prospects are spending more of their buyer’s journey accessing it before revealing themselves to sellers. When they do decide to speak with a seller, they’ve done their homework and they’re prepared to talk.


They’re also prepared to ask questions that are important to them. For example, why should I trust you, the seller? They may not always verbalize these questions to you, but they’re asking them and they’re discussing them with their colleagues.


It is important for B2B marketers and salespeople to answer these questions even if they don’t come up. That means consistently delivering information that is valuable to buyers. After all, they’re going to get the information they need, whether it is from you or one of your competitors.


In this week’s newsletter, we feature an article about how Ease Logistics significantly grew their business during the pandemic when over 3000 transportation companies filed for bankruptcy. They did it by answering the questions that all buyers have but are rarely verbalized. It's a great story! 


And there is much more too!


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Perry Rearick

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