Newsletter | August 4, 2021

08.04.21 -- Using Content To Win The Buyer Attention War

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By the time you read this, the Follow Your Buyer newsletter will have hit a huge milestone: 2,000 subscribers. I'm rarely at a loss for words, but in this editor's blurb I certainly am.


This week's featured article reminds us all why content is only as valuable as the people who read it (and in order to get people to read it, you have to distribute it and promote it).


Thanks for reading, cheers to the next 2,000.




Abby Sorensen

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


Creating Content Is Half The Battle (But It Doesn’t Win The Buyer Attention War)

B2B marketers are often too enamored with driving traffic to their website instead of distributing content where your buyers are more likely to engage with it.

Do Your Marketing Reports Actually Matter?

Marketers can prove their value to sales and executive teams by showing data-driven metrics that are important (not just interesting) to the overall goals of the organization.

Creating Brand Awareness With B2B Content Marketing

An effective content marketing strategy can do more than generate demand; it can create brand awareness without breaking the bank like traditional marketing tactics.

B2B Marketing Around The Web
The Contrarian Marketing Manifesto

This throwback to 2019 features one of our favorite articles from Peter Weinberg, head of development at LinkedIn's B2B Institute. He says, "What makes marketing so unique is that almost all of the consensus opinions in the industry are wrong, and almost all of the contrarian opinions are right."

B2B Demand Gen Content Effectiveness, By Funnel Stage

This chart is not meant to be marketing gospel, but it should spark some healthy debate for any B2B marketers who are considering what different channels and content formats to try next. Keep in mind this was based on data from May 2021, when it was looking very likely trade shows would be back in full swing in Q3 and Q4.