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09.21.22 -- To Gate Or Not To Gate

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To gate or not to gate, that is the question!


Information is the currency of our era! Futurist Alvin Toffler predicted it in his book, The Third Wave, published in 1980, envisioning the information age in which we now live.


One of the most common ways to illustrate how information is value exchanged is to consider how B2B marketers employ gated content. We encounter it all the time as we explore content titles online, click to read more, only to be met by a gate that requires our personal contact information to access it.


B2B sellers employing this tactic are often trying to generate leads. It doesn’t work well when a reader, who is trying to explore and learn more on a topic of interest, provides their personal information and is treated like a ready to buy lead. Yet the lure of all that great contact information is too attractive to give up.


In this edition of our newsletter, we explore the use of gated content, and I reached out to experts I know, Wendy Jacobson and Adam Lofquist, for their thoughts.


We’ve also included some great articles by Abby Sorensen on thinking beyond net new leads and what to do with content marketing leads.


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To Gate Or Not To gate, That Is The Question

Think back to the last time your interest was piqued by an article or study with an interesting title. It may have had a compelling introduction that caused you to want to read more. So, you clicked on the “read more” button only to be met by a gate that required you to provide a half dozen pieces of personal contact information. Whether to gate or not gate content is a common question posed by B2B content marketers. It is a great question and worth some thought.

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