Newsletter | July 14, 2021

07.14.21 -- Time To Review 2021 B2B Marketing Predictions

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Can you believe we're more than halfway through 2021? I can't believe this week's featured article about 2021 predictions was published 9 months ago.


Let's revisit the bold predictions I made about B2B marketing in 2021. Trade shows are starting to come back (but are not yet in full swing). Digital events are proliferating, but sometimes with diminishing returns for marketers paying for them. Content is still king.


Take a look at your own goals for 2021. Are you on track? Or is it time for a mid-year reset?


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Abby Sorensen

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


Follow Your Buyer's 2021 B2B Marketing Predictions

In fall 2020 I gave this advice: "Don’t sit back and say, 'There will be a vaccine in the next few months, and we’ll be back at trade shows in early 2021.' Make sure you’re creating and distributing content and virtual experiences now before your buyers even realize they need what you’re selling." Does that still sound true?  

Will B2B Marketers Flinch When Trade Shows Are Back?

Will in-person events go back to eating up a disproportionate share of their budgets? Will content creation come to a grinding halt, causing company blog pages to appear frozen in time?

An Insider’s Take On B2B Events

I love B2B events, sales reps love events, some marketers love events – but that doesn't mean events should eat up so much budget that you can’t effectively reach your target prospects in other, more cost-effective ways.

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Content Marketing In 2022: Very Personal, No Silos, And Lots of Voice

"Traditional marketing teams and content are already going away, and the lines between sales and marketing will blur until both of those become one," said Skyler Moss (back in 2017). "By 2022, content marketing will really be 'content selling.' If your content isn’t driving sales, then why are you creating it?"

3 Trends In B2B Marketing You Cannot Ignore In 2022

In 2021 it is still relevant to score high in Google and be findable for your target keywords," says this blog post from Scaleo. "That means; deliver depth, creativity, and value. This can also mean that your blog is no longer sufficient for your industry."