Newsletter | June 13, 2022

06.13.22 -- Thought for the Week-Doing more with what what we have!


THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK -  Doing more with what we have!


Let's restate that, achieving more with what we have! 


I’m a music fan and one of my favorite bands is Rush. They’re one of those rare three-member rock bands and if you’ve heard them, you are likely amazed at the amount of musical sound they produce: not the volume of the sound, but the musical output.


One of the group’s goals, according to lead singer Geddy Lee, was to be the smallest orchestra in the world. They wanted to produce more music but did not want to add another member because they thought it would disrupt their creative synergy.


To achieve their goal, they layered some technology into their music. They also added more instruments, additional percussion, and keyboard. Geddy learned to play keyboard and bass simultaneously. They had to arrange their music so when they performed live, it had the same quality as the recording studio. By working smarter, they were able to achieve their goal of the three of them producing more.


In business, especially in marketing and sales, we are always under the pressure to do more with what we have. That often means working longer hours, lower quality of life, and lower quality of work in many cases. And we all know that is unsustainable for the long term. So, what can we do instead?


You can incorporate technology into your operations. If you already use technology, take a close at how you’re employing it. Are you fully using it to automate those routine, time-consuming tasks? Are you gathering insightful data to help you act with more precision to better engage your prospects and more effectively follow-up with marketing and sales qualified leads?


You can also examine your workflows and look for ways to be more operationally efficient. If necessary, modify processes so that they better support marketing and sales objectives, but also your overall business outcomes.


The objective of trying to do more with what we have is not to gain more volume of work. Rather, it is to achieve better outcomes with better prospect engagement that attracts the right buyers.


So, this week when you’re feeling pressured to do more with what you have, think Rush!


And go ahead, tee-up some Rush on your Spotify account, I know you’ve been thinking about it since the first paragraph.


I hope you have a great week!




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Perry Rearick

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer