Newsletter | February 21, 2023

02.21.23 -- Thought for the Week – Forming Good Habits


THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK - Forming new habits!


Hey Dudes! 


I just returned from a week of skiing in the Colorado mountains. There’s something about spending time in the cold mountain air that is good for the body, mind, and spirit. It was transforming! Frankly, I’m still trying to adjust to the routines of home and shake some habits I picked up.


We easily get caught up in the routines of our work and even home life. We find ourselves doing the same thing each day and after a while we don't even think about what we do much of the time because we form habits. 


There are both good and bad habits and bad habits can be hard to break. Unfortunately, we B2B marketing and sales professionals have our fair share of bad habits.


As marketers, don’t we love the convenience of using the same messaging each week? We publish that already approved features and benefits content in a me-centric format that is all about us, and our prospects ignore it.


For sales, we get some contact information, treat it like a ready to buy lead and send the same worn-out email. Maybe we create, or perhaps fabricate, some call to action and throw in a bit of urgency.


Marketing isn’t engaging the right prospects, sales blames marketing for bad leads, marketing blames sales for not following up properly, and revenue growth is disappointing if there is any growth at all.


We know this doesn’t work, but we keep doing it anyway out of habit. Habits are hard to change because we focus on trying to stop something we’re doing. The best way to create change is to replace the underlying behavior enabling the bad habit with behavior that forms a good habit and better results.


Research tells us that if we consistently do something each day for one week, we can form a new habit. So, why not try something different this week?


Marketers, create some compelling thought leadership content about something your prospects really care about and watch your target audience engagement increase.


Sales, take some time to understand the person behind that name and email. How did you receive the name, what marketing content did they see, and where might they be in their buyer’s journey? Then align your outreach appropriately and helpfully.


Making some minor changes could change your business and perhaps your life.


I hope you have a great week. I need to get this ski gear put away until the next big powder day!



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Perry Rearick

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer