Newsletter | December 22, 2021

12.22.21 -- This Year Deserves Some Reflection




As you grow older, regardless of age, are you becoming more reflective? Perhaps, we simply have more to reflect on. The conclusion of each year serves as a natural milestone that encourages reflection, but this year feels…well…more worthy of some reflection.


I recently met with an old friend, one of those friends who knew earlier versions of me and I of them. We all have those friends and seeing them is a treasured experience that is good for our souls. Over a cup of coffee, we noted the pressures we are facing as 2021 ends: a still raging pandemic, inflation on the rise, and societal fault lines that we haven’t seen since the 1960s. We weren't feeling very joyful while facing these truths and we wondered what might be next. 


However, we also revisited the journey of our lives, from our time together in the Army to our current careers. We relived the hardships and accomplishments, the good and bad, and celebrated how far we had traveled. And the weightiness of the current issues gave way to confidence and hope.


I wish you a happy holiday season and an opportunity to connect with an old friend, revisit your life’s journey, and celebrate how far you’ve traveled.


Thanks for reading - Perry


Perry Rearick

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer