Newsletter | March 10, 2021

03.10.21 -- Thinking Beyond Net-New Leads In B2B Marketing

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Let's talk about leads. We all want more leads. Many of us can't wait to get leads from in-person events again. Few of us define leads the same way. Leads. Leads. Leads. It's a four-letter word in marketing if there ever was one.


In part one of this week's featured article on net-new leads, marketers learn how to combat the sales objection of “We’re already working that account. We only want net-new leads.” In part two, we’ll explain how intelligence about active customers can be just as important as net-new leads.


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Abby Sorensen

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


Thinking Beyond Net-New Leads: Part 1

Infatuation with net-new leads means lost opportunities, so B2B marketers need to push back when the sales team undervalues lead intelligence on prospects they “are already working.”

Thinking Beyond Net-New Leads: Part 2

Don’t lose sight of opportunities to upsell, cross-sell, and retain existing customers just because your marketing strategy places too much emphasis on net-new leads.

The New Definition Of Leads For B2B Marketers

All leads are not created equal. Understanding the difference between marketing qualified leads, sales qualified leads, sales ready leads, and sales winnable leads is essential in B2B environments.

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