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07.07.21 -- The Role Of Content In The Buyer's Journey

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Content marketing is all about building relationships, which is why we're glad the Follow Your Buyer community reaches all the way to Australia. That's home to Felix Krueger, the expert host of The State of Sales Enablement podcast. He was kind enough to let me talk about B2B buyer's journeys on a recent episode.


This week's featured article is a podcast. When you have 23 minutes to spare, check out our conversation about the B2B buyer's journey, how it's changed, and how content can help sales and marketing teams be a part of it.


Thanks for reading (and for listening). Special thanks to Felix for the podcast invitation. Check out his blog here, it's packed with great content marketing resources.




Abby Sorensen

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


The Role Of Content In The Buyer's Journey

Season two of The State Of Sales Enablement podcast is now live, and Follow Your Buyer is featured on an episode. Listen in as chief editor Abby Sorensen talks about the ever-changing B2B buyer's journey, how the pandemic will impact in-person events, and how content can help B2B sales teams.

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