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08.03.22 -- The experts share their secrets!


FROM THE EDITOR - The experts share their secrets!


One of my favorite things in life is speaking with people who are genuine experts in their field of work, or play. It often doesn’t even matter what they have an expertise in. From rock climbing to spelunking, medicine to yoga, I am all in for learning about what they know and do.


Expertise comes from deep knowledge combined with extensive experience. A heaping helping of curiosity is valuable too, as it drives continuous learning.


In this edition of our newsletter, I’ve gathered some interesting interviews I’ve had over the past year. There are many more that I’ll share in the coming weeks. The experts I’ve spoken with range in age and area of expertise, but all are doing some incredibly interesting things in B2B marketing and sales, and they share some great advice.


Special thanks to Alisa Alvich of Ease Logistics, Sean Russell of Premier Research, Hayato Nakamura of Lead Control Media, Erin Moore of Trew Marketing, and Kathleen Glass of Oinkodomeo. Your leadership and expertise are much appreciated!


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Thanks for reading - Perry

Perry Rearick

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


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Generating Big Business With Ease

At the same time the transportation industry was experiencing a record number of bankruptcies, Ease Logistics grew their revenue to more than two-times greater than their projections. How did they do it? According to Alisa Alvich, Marketing Manager at Ease, they delivered and communicated innovative solutions that go beyond their core transportation service, not only to their customers but also their community. She refers to it as new age marketing.  

Controlling Your Destiny: One B2B Company’s Story Of Continuous Improvement And Digital Transformation

Studies seeking to reveal what’s on the minds of business leaders nearly always include a large helping of digital transformation. Businesses of all sizes, types, and in all markets are undergoing digital transformations. Let’s face it, the entire world is transforming digitally.

There Must Be A Better Way!

Hayato Nakamura recalls the excitement he experienced when he reported for his first job out of college with a Fortune 500 company. His onboarding consisted of being walked to an office cubicle containing only a desk and a phone. He was handed a printed lead list and instructed to begin smiling and dialing. It wasn't long before his bliss melted away and the grind set it in. There must be a better way, he thought. Good news, there is!

If You Want Effective Inbound Marketing, Start With Understanding Your Buyer

For Erin Moore, from Trew Marketing, the road to sales success begins with in-depth customer persona development. Shortcutting this all-important first step nearly always results in poor results when trying to attract and sustain the attention of prospects throughout long, complex buyers’ journeys. Read more to hear how she does it!

Are You Transforming? Your Buyers Are!

Transformation has earned buzzword status in modern B2B marketing and sales vernacular. B2B organizations are undergoing digital transformation, sales transformation, business transformation, and perhaps a few others too. But what’s behind the buzz? Buyers!