Newsletter | November 3, 2021

11.03.21 -- The Ever-Evolving Nature Of Content Marketing

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If you ask four people what content marketing is, you’ll get a dozen different answers, and they will likely all be right. That’s because content marketing is continuously evolving.


Skilled content marketers understand that there is an interdependent relationship between seller and buyer, marketers and prospects, creators and consumers, and content is the link.


While technology advancements have certainly transformed content marketing, the most important influencer on how content marketing has evolved has been the buyer.


We think this topic is so important that we’re dedicating the next three weeks to it, and we'll revisit it regularly. In this edition of our newsletter we define what content marketing is, introduce you to the concept of thinking like a publisher, and offer some tips on what to avoid.


And did you know that content marketing began in the year 1895? You can read about it in our "One More Thing" section.


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Perry Rearick

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


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One More Thing--John Deere’s The Furrow


John Deere published the first edition of The Furrow in 1895. It is accepted without debate as the first form of content marketing. The presentation model has evolved over time with technology advancements, printing styles, and the quality of paper. However, the most significant influencer driving any of The Furrow’s transformations has been its readership, the American farmer.


Read The Story Behind The Furrow, The World’s Oldest Content Marketing by Kate Gardiner.