Newsletter | January 5, 2022

01.05.22 -- The Best Of Our Weekly Tips

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Many years ago, a respected leader introduced me to a practice of beginning each week with a focus-idea, something on which to concentrate that would help me, and my teams, be better, personally and professionally. Over time and with consistency, this practice creates a spirit of continuous improvement and growth. It is a habit I still practice and for which I am grateful.  


Each Monday I publish a short tip, idea or thought for the week. In this first edition of our newsletter in 2022, we’ve assembled a collection of tips that our readers have responded to most positively. 


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Perry Rearick

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer



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Know Your Buyer

Research indicates buyers are investing more time in understanding sellers. How much time do you put into understanding your buyers? 

Navigating To Better Results With Your Content Marketing Strategy

A lot of B2B companies who have been executing content marketing strategies for a while tell me they feel a little lost and they’re not sure where to go.

The Buyer's Journey Hike

I happen to think the B2B buyer's journey is one that takes them along unclear paths, places obstacles unexpectedly in their way, and forces them to make critical decisions. It's more like a back country hike! 

Take Time To Sharpen Your Axe

Are you speeding through your work and failing to sharpen your tools?

Content Marketing, Determining What To Write About

What do we write about? That is the most common question I hear from B2B marketing teams employing, or wanting to employ, a content marketing component to their strategy. It is a valuable question and deserves our best efforts!