Newsletter | June 30, 2021

06.30.21 -- The B2B Marketing Problem No One Is Talking About

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"Those clicks showing up in your marketing automation tool and those charts on your Google Analytics dashboard are often spiders, bots, crawlers, spam filters, antivirus tools, and email client settings, all polluting your marketing data with misleading, robotic activity."


Marketing data just isn't as clean as we think it is. But don't panic. This is an issue everyone is dealing with (even if not everyone realizes it). Check out this week's featured article with four next steps to take to evaluate your marketing data.


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Abby Sorensen

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


The B2B Marketing Problem No One Is Talking About

B2B marketing and sales teams have robotic data-related issues that are silently wreaking havoc on their ability to understand buyer’s journeys and engage their prospects.

Do Your Marketing Reports Actually Matter?

After you read this week's featured article about misleading data, take a closer look at your reporting. Is it based on data that could be misleading?

Imagining An Ideal Application Of Behavioral Analytics In B2B Marketing

Marketers have a blind spot when it comes to differentiating interest vs. intent, but there is a way to expand the view into the buyer’s journey.

B2B Marketing Around The Web
Are B2B And B2C Marketing Really Any Different?

"Marketing to businesses is strategically no different from marketing to consumers, but using the same tactics for both won’t be effective," say two B2B marketing experts, LinkedIn's B2B Institute gurus Peter Weinberg and Jon Lombardo in this guest blog for Marketing Week.

Are You Still Using “Zombie” Sales Metrics?

"A key reason most traditional metrics are obsolete now is that they track selling activities, not customer buying activities," says Mark Boundy in this ever-so-timely LinkedIn blog post. Check out the bullet points he provides as alternatives to old-school selling metrics, they are worth the read.