Newsletter | May 11, 2022

05.11.22 -- So You're Thinking of Working with an Agency




So, you’re thinking about using an agency!


We don’t often discuss the role of agencies in the B2B landscape here at FYB, but they can serve an important role in business development and helping sellers better engage buyers throughout their journeys.


Agencies generate a variety of images. Let’s be honest! Who didn’t puddled-up when Don Draper, from the fictional series Mad Men, pitched the idea of the carousel to the Kodak executives? Fiction can often be more glamorous than reality.


When considering whether to use a marketing, communications, or advertising agency, I will offer some common FYB questions. Will it support your business strategy? Will it help you get better results from your marketing and sales operations? And how will you measure those results?


Those are also the questions that Beth Willers, Principal at White Matter Communications, shared with me. She urges B2B companies to use agencies to support their business outcomes, rather than the other way around. She offers some valuable, candid tips in our featured content, a video interview, in this week’s newsletter.


I’ve also included a link to Don Draper’s Kodak pitch and what we can learn from it as B2B sellers.


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Perry Rearick

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


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Don Draper's Carousel Pitch
This scene from the fictional series Mad Men is often considered one of Don Draper's best pitches. Kodak R&D engineers just developed a new projector with a wheel-shaped device that feeds the slides individually into the projector lens. The Kodak execs want to talk about the device. Draper talks about the buyer, puts the execs in the buyer's shoes, and Draper himself becomes the buyer. And the carousel projector is given birth. Following Your Buyer, wil never lead you astray.  (1989) Mad Men - The Carousel (Higher Quality) - YouTube