Newsletter | October 27, 2021

10.27.21 -- Sell Like A Dog

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According to Edelman’s 2021 Thought Leadership Impact Study, their fourth annual study, the behavior and preferences of B2B buyers as they seek solutions continues to change at a brisk pace.


For a while now, B2B marketers and sales professionals have known that buyers complete about 57 percent of their buying journey before they reveal themselves to the seller.


However, Edelman’s most recent study found that 83 percent of a typical B2B purchasing decision, including researching solutions, ranking options, and benchmarking pricing, happens before the buyer contacts the seller.


If buyers are investing this much time in understanding us, shouldn’t we do the same in understanding them? That’s why we publish Follow Your Buyer.


In this edition, we turn our sights to B2B sales, discovering what we can learn from our four-legged friends, exploring how we should define a lead, and what to do with our content marketing-generated leads.


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Perry Rearick

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


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Sell Like A Dog

Whoever coined the term “work like a dog” must not have owned a dog, at least not one of our modern-era pets who have earned family-member status. As our love for our four-legged companions has grown, so too has our desire to understand them through formal training, books, and podcasts. Despite all this expert advice, I believe our pets’ ability to understand us far outpaces our ability to understand them. How do they do it, and what can we learn from them about sales?

The New Definition Of Leads For B2B Marketers

All leads are not created equal. Understanding the difference between marketing qualified leads, sales qualified leads, sales ready leads, and sales winnable leads is essential in B2B environments.

What To Do With Those Content Marketing Leads

Ask yourself (and your sales team) these 4 questions when formulating a follow-up plan for B2B buyers who engage with your content.

B2B Marketing Around The Web
Rory Sutherland: Digital’s Greatest Value Is In Exploration, Not Efficiency

A Personal Note On The Passing Of Colin Powell 


I spent nearly 30 years in the Army, enlisting in 1979, a mere week after graduating from high school. The Army I joined was one whose morale was still bruised from our nation’s Vietnam experience. Colin Powell, a Vietnam veteran, was among a cadre of leaders who remained in the Army. They had an indefatigable optimism about soldiers, the Army, and our nation. And they set out to make them all better, including me; I am grateful. -Perry


Colin Powell’s 13th rule of leadership is “Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.”      


You can see all of General Powell’s rules here: Colin L. Powell’s Thirteen Rules of Leadership - United States Department of State.