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01.04.23 -- Scientific proof that storytelling drives B2B sales!

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There is scientific proof that including stories in your B2B marketing content works!


If you’re part of a B2B solution-provider company, you no doubt have witnessed, or been involved in, the tug of war that occurs when marketers suggest storytelling as part of their content strategy.


Sales dismisses the idea because stories don’t deliver ready-to-buy leads. “No features and benefits, where’s the hook?” Business leaders tend to highjack the topics and want stories about the business. You know the kind I’m talking about. “Way back in 1878 John Smith had a vision”…yada, yada, yada. And our big storytelling idea delivers disappointing results.


Allow me a moment of intense candor. Your prospects don’t care about you, they care most about themselves and the issues they face. Trying to attract prospects by going long about how great your business is doesn’t work.


However, storytelling done well, does connect buyers and sellers at a deeper emotional level, it builds trust, and does a great job of capturing the attention of prospects in a digital world saturated with content. And it turns out, there is scientific proof that it works.


This week’s feature, with insights from Katarina Gajdacsova, delves into the scientific reasons why storytelling works in developing business and driving sales. And there is more on the art and science of creating marketing content that attracts prospects and turns them into customers: placing your buyer at the center of your stories, being intentional with your content creation process, and why you should remove those gates.


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Perry Rearick

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


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The Scientific Impact Of Using Stories In Your B2B Marketing Content

According to Katarina Gajdacsova, Chief Marketing Officer at Kiz Digital, including a good story in our marketing content mix helps to connect your products or services with a prospect on an emotional level. After all, we’re human and try as we might to remain logical when making purchases, there is a significant emotional component to big B2B buying decisions. 

Are Your Customers Everywhere In Your Marketing Content?

Chevy introduced their 2023 electric vehicle (EV) fleet in September, a traditional time when automakers unveil their new models. The timing of the campaign, done by ad agency Commonwealth//McCann, isn’t unusual, but it is a great ad that offers a lesson in customer-centric messaging. 

How To Be More Intentional With Your Content Marketing Strategy

Creating content is a critical component of your business’ overall marketing plan. Through content, you create an audience made up of your ideal customers and then inform, engage, and even entertain them. But one of the biggest obstacles many businesses face is what exactly to write about. 

To Gate Or Not To Gate, That Is The Question

Think back to the last time your interest was piqued by an article or study with an interesting title. It may have had a compelling introduction that caused you to want to read more. So, you clicked on the “read more” button only to be met by a gate that required you to provide a half dozen pieces of personal contact information. Whether to gate or not gate content is a common question posed by B2B content marketers. It is a great question and worth some thought.