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01.12.22 -- MarTech Mania!

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Welcome to MarTech Mania!


According to the smart folks at MarTech Alliance, the global marketing technology industry is worth $344billion and growing, that’s up from $122billion in 2020. Wow, that growth is nearly on pace with the popularity of food trucks and zoom happy hours since the beginning of the COVID pandemic.


61% of marketers surveyed by MarTech Alliance for their 2021/22 Martech Report indicated that they plan to increase their spending on marketing technology in the coming year. The top reason for their increased investment in marketing technology is changing buyer behavior . 


What that means is that many of us will be embarking on buyer’s journeys across a vast, complex landscape of marketing technology. So, in this edition of our newsletter, we try to imagine what that buyer’s journey might look like.


We also explore how the availability of information has spurred changes in buyer behavior, offer some advice on how to make a case for investing in marketing technology, and include a helpful glossary of martech terminology.


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Perry Rearick

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Taking Our Own Buyer’s Journey In Search Of Marketing Technology

Last year, B2B companies allocated over 26% of their marketing budgets to technology and Forrester estimates that over $25billion will be spent globally on marketing automation technology alone in 2023.1 What that tells me is that many of us will be embarking on our own buyers’ journeys in the next year or two.

Communicating Your Value In The Information Age

Communicating your value in The Information Age means giving your prospect what they need rather than what you want.

Simplifying The Complex

B2B marketing messages ought to be as simple as the Beatles White Album.

Behavioral Analytics: An Overview For B2B Marketers

A perfect B2B marketing world of identifying purchasing intent isn’t as far-fetched as it seems thanks to advancements in behavioral analytics.

B2B Marketing Around The Web
Making The Case For Marketing Technology Within Your Organization

It’s up to marketers to make the case for the technology they want to use. More than they might think, marketers hold the future of their organization’s digital transformation in their own hands. This was the message from Michael McCune, Senior Director at Gartner, at our recent MarTech conference.


If you are part of a small-to-mid-size business (SMB) exploring marketing technology without the luxury of an in-house expert, here is a website you should bookmark. The fine folks at Marketing Alliance have created a glossary of all those confusing MarTech terms, buzzwords, phrases and acronyms. The A to Z of Martech Terminology (